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posted : 23/05/2023

hard maths GCSE question 25:

posted : 16/05/2023

Congratulations all those who have received offers, especially those who have received low AAB offers for medicine from top universities. Do not be complacent. Most of you have stayed at the top of your classes all academic year because you did the summer courses but do not lose your focus until the exams are over.

You need to get 90-95% in the past papers to be confident you are going to do well in the exams. Should you lose 10% for any reason you would still get an A. Follow the revision plan you have been given. It is working well. Even though your offers are low, you still want to get at least 3A*s though those who do further maths are on track for four.

Finally, those of you who joined post-GCSE with low-ish grades and were told you would never get into medicine or not get an offer, congratulations! We proved them wrong. - TGR

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