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Maths and Science Personal Tuition

One-to-One Home Stay and Non-Residential

If you need a life changed, you've come to the right place. We change lives. The difference between a child struggling at school and the child being successful in life could be just one summer and just one personal tutor. We have had kids who have missed school or who have special educational needs. They are okay now and they are much happier people.

One-to-one tuition in the summer or during the year is the intervention a child needs to get them on the right path, their chosen path, and one-to-one personal tuition is an investment worth making. Each day with a personal tutor costs a mere £200 for an 8-hour day, but a day with a personal tutor working in a comfortable and relaxed but focused way is worth about a week or two at school. It can make a huge difference.

If you ar working at a starting level, the personal tutor will gently and patiently steer the learning process. Children are not taught how to learn and how to think. Yet this guidance is invaluable and can prevent so much heartache in the future. Students need to know how to learn and not spend huge amounts of time and effort making little progress. If a student is unmotivated, it's because they see they are afraid to put in so much time and effort and not get very far.

Students have different needs. Some cannot focus in class because they are very active, others have missed school due to illness and some have just lost their way a little. Others know they have the potential but do not know where to start. These students need to be rescued with quiet, comfortable but sound one-to-one tuition.

GCSE and A level Maths and Science

If the student is working at a higher level, the personal tutor will show students how to take notes, how to analyse, filter and retain information and answer past paper exam questions in the summer school or summer revision course. We have maths summer revision and science summer revision classes with our personal tutors and the personal tutors will take you through GCSE and A level past papers for AQA, OCR, Edexcel and other boards. Organisation if the key. It all will feel very easy and relaxed, but this is only because we have made it deceptively so. We have taken the burden of organising your work and knowledge from you so that everything is easy and straightforward. We've taken on part of the student's job to organise their work, but a lot of the time, this is what makes students fall behind.

Personal tutors using sound teaching and learning practice that is provably effective in our one-to-one classes, summer classes and summer revision classes will prepare children and young people for their GCSEs and A levels next year.

Classes start at 8:00am every morning after breakfast and continue till 4:00p.m. Students are taken through the year's content by their personal tutors and are monitored for comprehension, retention and their ability to answer questions. Often summer school students do not understand how to answer exam questions. Any areas of weakness such as comprehension or communication skills will be dealt with by the personal tutor in the one-to-one lessons, summer course or summer revision courses before moving on and the personal tutor will ensure students are able to answer questions from A level and GCSE past papers in maths and science.

It is important you are comfortable and relaxed while you work. Snacks and beverages are provided and there will be a coffee break and a break for lunch. We'll even send out for pizza. If you are a residential student lunch is on site so you wont have to go far. We can cater for most dietary needs. If you're a non-residential student please bring your lunch and any snacks and drinks with you. We provide beverages, fruit juices and fruit for all students on the summer course.

Your Tutor

Your A level personal tutor for the maths and science summer revision course has years of experience getting students into the top universities such as UCL, Imperial and Oxbridge. Students visiting the sumnmer school have come from all backgrounds, so have varying levels of support from school but have managed to achieve high grades hence the impressive alumni. The overwhelming majority of students have gone on to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and engineering. Some have gone into banking and finance. Your personal tutor will get you there with experience, tenacity and patience but the personal tutor will also ensure your revision is tailored,fun and relaxing. We have group summer school sessions you can join in the evening.


We run our summer school revision classes knowing that every student is different. Every experience is different. What's special and unique about our summer school is that it's a one-to-one course with a personal tutor who can focus solely on your academic needs. Our personal tutors will to adjust to fit your needs, so please tell the personal tutor what you need. If you have special dietary requirements, let us know. If you've been ill recently and need to take breaks more often we'll work around that. If you like working intensely and want to get as much done as possible, we're with you. If you're being left behind in class and have a whole load of questions that need answering, we're here to answer them. Every student is different so do not worry about being in a different situation to other people. We've also had students who just want to take their A levels independently from a school and want to study in the summer school for Autumn exams. Whatever your reason for joining us, we will accommodate your needs.

Personal Tutors and Past Students

Our students are doing exceptionally well. It may be tempting to send your child to a large group revision course, but no matter how well-know the institution and how big the name, it amounts to not very much if it does not alter the direction of the child's life. One-to-one tuition does just that. We know we changed some lives. Sofiya was previously working at D's and E's. Part of her problem was that she was a non-native English speaker and her studies had left her confused. With a lot of work on our part, she achieved A*A*A for A-level and is doing Medicine at a top University. Another student has a very low AAB offer this year from a top Univeristy for Medicine despite being told a the start of the year that he should give up chemistry he is on track for A*A*A*. We have high-level people to take students through the interview process and prepare them and we left nothing to chance. There are others who have already graduated from university. Here is one example.

Missed Schooling

Some students have missed school or missed lessons for one reason or other. Summer school revision is a safety net. For students taking GCSEs a more gentle approach is needed if school has been missed. We ensure he student is comfortable and has the time and space to learn. Non-residential sessions are available for summer school revision classes for year 10 and year 11 students who are in the GCSE years. For some students, we've been a lifeline. No child wants to struggle alone and it great when they start doing really well at school after spending a week or so in our summer school. We understand if you have special requirements. If you have been ill and need frequent rests, or if you just need to work somewhere comfortable where you can feel secure, be yourself and ask as many questions as you want.

Ongoing Support

There are also half-term and easter sessions in addition to the sumner school. This may be useful if you do three sciences or two sciences and maths but only want to do one subject over the summer school revision course. You can do the other subjects during the following academic year. Most students end up taking one or two subjects over the summer in our summer school, but some students do all three. If you take less than three subjects with us in our summer school there are opportunities over the year for support from a personal tutor for the other subjects.

Good Results

We'll get you there. Summer school revision is an investment in your future and a safety net. To succeed, you have to be very organised, ensure you build your knowledge carefully, leave no gaps, ensure any misconceptions are dealt with as they occur and work efficiently and effectively. You also need to build your comprehension and written communication skills. There are a lot of hard working students who do not get high grades because they are not productive. You need to know and understand your content, but you also need to demonstrate that understanding and learn how to apply what you have learnt. It takes years of experience and specialised knowledge to be able to help a student achieve high grades. There's no substitute for having an experienced tutor. It will seem like we're having fun, but we're always working intensely. If you are engaged and enjoying your summer school revision class, you're learning. At this level you must develop your intellect. This is why being a mentally-stimulating environment can help. Hard work, organisation and good resources will get you good grades.

Your Subjects

GCSE and A level - AQA, Edexcel, OCR and International boards:

  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
Feel free to bring a laptop or tablet and a calculator but everything else is provided for the summer school revision. We have excellent resources that you can use and you can use our online resources throughout the year at no extra charge.


It's easy to enrol and its very informal. Once we have established that this course is suitable, send us an email with some background information just to help us ailor the course. We will also need to know if there are any special dietary needs if the student is residential. If no one-to-one classes for summer school revision are available the students may be offered and alternative of learning with another student who is at te same level. Courses and tuition take place all year round. The summer one-to-one course is only for a limited number of fortunate students so is subject to availability and suitabilty.

Your Week (Residential)

Arrive Sunday p.m. from 4:00pm onwards and leave Friday after 4:00pm. From Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00pm one-to-one classes with the option to join small group sessions in the evenings. All meals are provided, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any questions, feel free to phone and ask. To book your place for summer school revision for GCSE and A levels. This is an amazing opportunity to get ahead so you can do well in life but places are limited. International students are welcome. We're located a 20 to 30 minute taxi ride from Heathrow Airport.


You can contact us by phone or email. Call 01784 483 566 to discuss your requirements and fees and give use the opportunity to answer any questions you have. Places are limited so it's wise to make contact as soon as possible for summer school revision.

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Contact the Summer School

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Please feel free to get in touch. We're very flexible and we are aware that there are many reasons parents need our help and students have different needs. We are used to dealing with different health and educational issues so feel free to give us a call even if you have an unusual situation or any queries.

Don't hesitate to call if you just want some general advice about your child's education. We'll be able to point you in the right direction. For example, you may want to know about the various exam boards for different subjects. They are becoming more similar, but there is still a way to go to make all the courses and examinations equal. Pay particular attention if the school offers WJEC, Salters Chemistry, SNAB Biology or OCR B Advancing Physics A Levels.


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