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    GCSE and A level Courses and Tuition

Thoroughly Absorbing Courses for Maths and Science.

As a parent, I wanted something the school system did not seem to be able to deliver - for my children to fully achieve what they set out to learn. If they put in the time and effort they should get close to 100%. As a teacher, I set out to achieve this. I managed to level my students so no-one got below 70% and then continued to work to improve this. Because I took this on, my daughter got 4 A*s including in maths, further maths and physics and my son went on to get a 1st class degree in engineering even though he is highly dyslexic and would not have succeeded without my intervention. I teach during the year and have been instrumental in delivering many engineers, doctors, pharmacists and economists into the system. How you learn is crucially important and the best predictor of A level success is time-management and organisation.

Once again, this year we have students that are at the top of their classes because we prepared them at the start of the year. These students will get the top predictions for university. First impressions count and they have appeared competent from the start. So we created summer courses to teach students who are not able to join us during the year.

It is important for a student to have good learning resources. We use resources designed to help students organise their content and these are available to the students throughout the year.

A Level Maths - Mechanics

22nd - 29th July
I have created a very successful mechanics course. The lowest mark scored for over ten years is 87%. The next lowest is 90%. Most people got 100% when M1 was still a separate module. So this year this 2-day course is free of charge. Meanwhile, have a go at this maths GCSE question. Take as long as you like to figure it out. I'll tell you the answer when you join. There'll be nothing on the course that will be this hard. As long as you understand basic algebra you'll get on fine with the mechanics course as it has been made easy enough for most people to get a high mark.(Places are limited. Maximum number per group is four).

We use the same techniques for teaching GCSE maths so the students see a rapid improvement. Often, students end up going from fairly low predictions to doing hard maths questions for fun. This year, we exhausted all the hard GCSE maths questions on the internet and all the ones we had to keep making up to challenge the students. We actually ran out of "tough" questions. We teach maths the way it should be. Maths is reasoning-based and students should not rely on endless hours practicing and memorising methods and steps. The education system should not reward good memories. In the age of the Internet, a good memory is probably the least useful asset a student can have. Problem-solving skills should be developed instead and memorisation kept to the bare minimum. You can visit our GCSE revision website at We also use for A level Science. The AS modules will be added this September.

Each module is delivered over 8 hours a day for 5 days.You are taught the best and most effective study techniques and your year ahead is organised so you can start at the top of your class. If you are trying to catch up from a previous year, then we'll put everything right. It may seem strange to spend a week during the summer break preparing for the year ahead. To us is seems strange not to. Why sit in a classroom struggling with the content when instead the time in class is better spent revising and deepening and strengthening your knowledge.

If you are retaking A levels or GCSEs and are taking a year out of school, you can also join us for the year if you live in the area. We also have courses over half-terms, Christmas and easter. The last session this year was a lot of fun. We played dodge-ball during the break and ate far too much chocolate but we did get through a ton of work.

The ideal number of students per class is four. International students are welcome.

How you study is more important than how much you study. Some students work hard and still never get the results.

Half Term


There are three different modules available for A level maths and one for GCSE maths. Each module lasts a week. We teach statistics and mechanics separately from Pure Maths AS and A level. For maths GCSE the target grade is grade 7 and above. Teaching mathematics involves a formal, structured methodology. The reason we are able to teach mathematics in a week is because we identify those elements that are common in all topics and those elements that are significantly different. We then ensure that the common skills are taught to a high standard whilst providing a structure in which the student can learn. The algebraic patterns and reasoning skills are common to all mathematics problems we ensure the students have these skills to a high level first before delivering more complex principles so that they are comfortable at every level of the course and do not struggle at any point. Years of experience means that we can identify and anticipate each and every point where students are likely to struggle and we already have structures in place to mitigate these problems.


Previously in the centre of Windsor by Windsor and Eton Riverside Station we moved nearby to Wraysbury Village, a quiet and picturesque spot by the river. We are located in a large building in Wraysbury where tuition takes place during the day and in the evenings during term time. There are a number of learning spaces and the main learning area is fully equipped. Students have the option to sit at a desk formally or sit in a comfortable chair with a drink and a snack if one-to-one learning is taking place.

The learning environment is relaxed but focused. The emphasis is purely on learning and tracking the students progress. We aim to make education interesting, relevant and fun, but focus on the development of intellect, problem-solving, written communication and analytical skills.


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Results are achieve through organisation, patience and encouragement. Learning shoudl not be a chore. Lessons must always be interesting and relevant, having a deep interest in a subject undoubtably aids learning. Whilst we are passionate about learning and competitive and we always want our students to get the highest grades, we want the students' and tutors' experiences to be positive experiences and we believe the partnership between the students and their tutor, their shared experience, shared responsibility and motivation is the key to success.

The most effective teaching and learning techniques are seamlessly woven into the course and we motivate students to do well and constantly improve ensure that the students' ability to track their own progress creates a positive feedback loop which provides them with even more motivation and encouragement to succeed. Course materials provided during the course are carefully coupled with online resources and closely follows the sequence laid out in the specifications. The GCSE and A level specifications have been carefully designed so that the order of delivery matters. Whilst sometimes it is tempting to learn some topics out of order, students run the risk of creating large gaps in their knowledge if the prior knowledge needed to fully understand the current topic being studied is absent because topics have been delivered out of sync.

Half Term

Invest in the future and join our former students who have now qualified as doctors, vets, dentists , pharmacists and engineers. We help students get into the top universities. A good education and good qualifications can set you up for life. We'd like to hear from you. Feel free to call us on 01784 483566 and discuss how we can help you achieve your grades.


We opened as a small private tutorial college in 2004 in the center of Windsor and then decide to change to a less formal model and moved to a large house in Wraysbury as the students wanted to be in a more relaxed environment. The maximum number per class was four and a lot of emphasis was on one-to-one tuition so the ability to relax whilst being in an academic environment was hugely important in building the trust and partnership between the student and the tutors. The Government have now funded a National Tutoring Program which now formally recognises the efforts of tutors over the years and the contribution they have been making to the standard of education in this country and beyond.

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